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A Creative Approach to Mental Wellness

Art Therapy and Counseling Sessions in New York State and New Mexico

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You've come a long way. It's time to embrace your healing era.  

Nurture your creativity, independence, and personal evolution.


If you've been struggling with overwhelming emotions, you don't have to go through it alone. Your wellness is a priority and the foundation for your future. Now's the moment to take control and create a life that feels fulfilling and connected.

Maybe traditional talk therapy didn't quite offer the support you were looking for. My approach is trauma-informed and tailored towards your unique goals and strengths. By combining art therapy, holistic psychology and somatic therapy, we'll honor the vital connection between your mind, emotions and body, allowing you to develop the confidence you need to move forward.

Navigating new responsibilities, academics, career and relationships becomes challenging when grappling with self-doubt, uncertainty, and the need for additional support.  

The issues you face today are different from what your parents went through. Your experiences are uniquely yours, and our practice is here to provide the help and guidance tailored to your needs, at a pace that works for you.


Attiya Awadallah


Bridging the mind-body connection to heal and thrive.

As an experienced and trauma informed therapist, I'm dedicated to providing a nonjudgmental space to help you move beyond anxiety and depression, achieve emotional health, and form deeper connections.

My goal is to provide you with tools and support so you can overcome challenges, heal from the past, and embrace positive changes in your life.


Your relationships feel strained due to emotional difficulties,  enhance communication and foster healthier connections.


You're feeling overwhelmed by significant life decisions, gain the clarity and confidence needed to align your choices with your true aspirations.

Tailored Support for:

Feeling Stuck or Lost:

You find yourself feeling stuck or uncertain about where your heading in life, we can explore your values, passions, and goals to set you on a more fulfilling path.

Post-Graduation Blues or Career Doubts:

You're coping with post-graduation depression or facing career uncertainties, gain the tools and support necessary to regain your sense of direction and navigate your career effectively.

today's challenges:

Step into your new chapter by transforming trauma into strength.

Ready to discover a more fulfilling and empowered path forward? Schedule a free consultation.

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